Why a blog?

My 2 boys have kept me on my toes since they were born, actually, in the case of the youngest slightly before that, so I have been pretty much on the go for nearly 8 years now. This September just gone my youngest started school full time. People were pretty consistently saying things like “oh, you won’t know yourself!” or “what are you going to do with yourself?” or “so, are you going to go back to work?”. I wasn’t in a rush to go “back” to work and quite enjoyed the idea that, after 7 years of running around after my family, I might finally have some quality time to myself to sit on my arse and watch movies. I thought that autumn term is always hectic with Christmas just round the corner and lots to do, so I would be at home doing nothing for that term and then start thinking about what to do with the rest of my life in the new year – that being an appropriate time for such things.

Now, at the beginning of the second half of what is optimistically named spring term, I have discovered a major flaw in this plan. I HAVE BEEN SOLD A LIE. This half term has been almost indistinguishable from all the others that have gone before! There has not been enough time to sit on my arse and watch movies! I do everything I used to do, just without rushing around trailing children and wet wipes. I take a break of about 45 minutes to eat my lunch and watch an episode of something on catch up, but most of the rest of the time just disappears into all the domestic tasks that it did before. Don’t get me wrong, I am far less stressed and wrung out than I used to be and I love the calm moments I get to myself – they keep me centered when my children are being raving lunatics – but this is hardly the gossip, sofas and bon-bons life I had been led to expect.

However, occasionally, I get an hour or so a week that I’m not sure what to do with. Not long enough to start any kind of project, but long enough to indulge my love of writing and my own 3 big passions in life – baking, books and movies. Not necessarily in that order. So that is what this blog is about! My (possibly ambitious) aim, here at the start, is to have a Bake of the Week, a Book of the Week and a Movie of the Week. Possibly with little bits in between about how annoying my children are being that day.

If nothing else, it should keep me busy!

Hope you enjoy reading it.